Our Mission

Step 1. Know God

Through Weekly Worship and Teaching
The first step to knowing God is through believing in His Son, Jesus. Through Jesus, a person is saved from the punishment of their sins and is adopted by God. Step 1: Know God, can be physically seen when a person is baptized and joins a Church to worship the Lord with them. All disciples of Jesus start and stay on this step when they attend Sunday Morning Worship.
John 3:16 | Romans 8:15 | Acts 2:38 | 1 Corinthians 12:12

Step 2: Find Community

In Weekly Life Group Meetings

Once a person is saved, baptized, and joins a church, their journey is only beginning. When the Holy Spirit filled the Church on Pentecost, believers began meeting together, eagerly studying God’s word in each other’s homes. Members of New Hope echo these first meetings with our own Life Groups. Life Groups are a group of 5-20 men and women who intensely study the Bible together. This second step will introduce you to others in the church and will help you find a place to “fit in” that a large corporate service cannot provide.
Acts 2:42 | 1 Thessalonians 2:13 | Hebrews 10:24

Step 3: Make Disciples

In yearly D-Groups of 3-5
A Disciple isn’t a grand title, it simply means student. Jesus’ students followed Him for His entire ministry. Their days were spent at Jesus’ feet, and their free time was often spent discussing Jesus. These people were the first disciples. Those disciples made disciples who also made disciples, and that is how the Church began to grow. Our church believes this simple model (disciples making disciples) is still the method the Holy Spirit uses to build His Church. The third step in the discipleship pathway is becoming a member of a Discipleship Group. These 3-5 men or women meet once a week for an hour to discuss their week’s daily reading journal, memorize scripture, pray and keep each other accountable. After a year, “D-Groups” multiply, each member beginning their own groups. This third step may seem difficult, but every member who has participated in one mentions how it has deepened their walk with God.
Matthew 28:18-20 | 2 Timothy 2:2 | Luke 14:27 | Galatians 6:2

Step 4: Change the World

Through Missions, Evangelism, Giving, and Volunteering
A disciple whom the Holy Spirit is working through, will be compelled to preach the Gospel (the Good News that Christ came to save mankind). Sharing the Gospel is evangelization, and it comes in many forms. As a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, our church joins with thousands of other churches to send missionaries around the world to preach the Gospel. Disciples give tithes and offerings to their church and contribute to local and worldwide missions. Many also choose to volunteer as teachers, band members, deacons and dozens of other roles. A member who begins this fourth step is a disciple who truly shares the Gospel. 
Mark 16:15 | John 20:21 | Hebrews 13:16