Make Disciples

Step 3: Make Disciples

In yearly D-Groups of 3-5
A Disciple isn’t a grand title, it simply means student. Jesus’ students followed Him for His entire ministry. Their days were spent at Jesus’ feet, and their free time was often spent discussing Jesus. These people were the first disciples. Those disciples made disciples who also made disciples, and that is how the Church began to grow. Our church believes this simple model (disciples making disciples) is still the method the Holy Spirit uses to build His Church. The third step in the discipleship pathway is becoming a member of a Discipleship Group. These 3-5 men or women meet once a week for an hour to discuss their week’s daily reading journal, memorize scripture, pray and keep each other accountable. After a year, “D-Groups” multiply, each member beginning their own groups. This third step may seem difficult, but every member who has participated in one mentions how it has deepened their walk with God.
Matthew 28:18-20 | 2 Timothy 2:2 | Luke 14:27 | Galatians 6:2

Make Disciples- Jason’s Story