Loving Like Him

Matthew 5:14-16
Are you the kindest in the room? Are you the most generous? Are you the most thoughtful? These are the questions that I’ve been asking myself as I move from environment to environment these days. And, to be honest, my kindness, my generosity, and my thoughtfulness get tested. Often, pushed to the brink and my flesh screams fiercely to show itself. 
I say to myself… I simply cannot do it! And the truth is, I’m right. I can’t do it. I cannot both fight for my own rights and simultaneously love other people like Jesus did…
So… I think of Jesus. I know that Jesus was the kindest, most generous, and most thoughtful in any room that He entered. I know that He is my example and standard, and I know this because I have personally experienced His grace. I also know that He has left me in the world as a representative to others desperate to be right, to be heard and to be seen… just like me. 
I think of how ridiculous my personal thoughts of acknowledgement truly are. If He hadn’t seen me, I’d still be lost. If He hadn’t heard me, He would have never come. If I were not valuable, He would have never died in my place to make me His own. Jesus didn’t stop the plan of the Father to consider His own rights. He loved the Father enough to abandon those for me. He loved me so much that He would undeservingly die just so that I could live. He worshipped the Father by loving a broken people, a broken person…like me. He simply sought to please the Father as He revealed Himself to the unlovely, to the unlovable, and to the unseen…as He revealed Himself to…me. What did Jesus do for you, my friend?
Was His love enough to enlighten a darkened world to His reality. by the way that you love others? To lift their needs above your agenda, just like Jesus did for us? Matthew 5 says this is why we are here. Matthew 6 says that “you cannot serve 2 master, ” you’ll serve either Him or you. The flesh will not quiet or cease to be tested, until you and I decided to quiet it and submit it to His way above our own. This is true worship of Jesus. He is our example and standard; He submitted to the Father. He did this for us. Will we do this for THEM?
Justin Lett