Love Deeply

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. 
Our author, Simon Peter, was a fisherman. He was also regarded as wildly imperfect, uneducated, and overzealous. It’s true. He was know to stick his foot in his mouth and had a reputation as someone lacking in self-control. And yet, Simon Peter was still called as a disciple of Jesus. In fact, he became the leader to Jesus’ disciples. He walked closely with Jesus, promised to always defend Jesus, and then just before Jesus’ death, denied ever even knowing Jesus. This man was a mess…hence my inspiration.  His denial of Jesus isn’t the end of Peter’s story, it is, rather a true beginning.   


What gave Peter the conviction to write such words as above was the restoration and commissioning of Peter in John 21 (read it for yourself).  For every time Peter denied Jesus, Jesus reinstated Peter with a directive of love, to tend and to teach other followers about Jesus and His love.  He didn’t cast him out. Jesus called him closer and entrusted people to his care.  He anointed him with authority to lead them in the way of Jesus.  Simon Peter had been wildly unpredictable, and yet in Jesus, the Apostle Peter became wildly successful and may have been more fit to lead others in Jesus’ way than anyone else.   


He’s remembered for his denial of Jesus at the crucifixion and should be.  It was bad… really bad.  Still, this didn’t discount him or deny him the destiny God had for him.  So, with genuine conviction and emotion on the matter, Peter writes “love covers a multitude of sins.”  He had denied Jesus, yet Jesus still loved and chose to use him anyway. There was truly no offense that anyone could do to Peter that would exceed what he’d already done to Christ himself.  So, no one was beyond love or forgiveness for him.  This is a good word for us today.   


I’d just like to encourage all those this morning that are hurting or feel taken advantage of. You may be in search of justice; seeking to be fought for. You may be holding grudges, keeping score, or seeking vengeance.  Let it go.  How much more violently have you dismissed and sinned against Jesus, yet He loves and chooses to use you anyway.  He used Peter, and He will continue to use you, if you will only let Him.  


Love covers a multitude of sins. Let Him love you this morning. And then, love others today.