Trust in the Lord, Not Yourself

Psalm 37:5
5 Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in Him and He will bring it to pass:
The wording of this verse is curious, it’s intentional and it’s orderly.
It’s curious because it’s a promise. We have an assurance, in this scripture, that as we consciously trust His way, (even before we fully know what we’ve agreed to) that He will come through. This creates so much freedom in our lives. I makes room for intimacy with Him. It is saying “yes” without knowing what we’re saying “yes” to, but only because that “yes” openly acknowledges that His way is better.
Which is what God intentionally implied in this verse. He asks us to commit to His way prior to proof of His actions. He implies that we trust on His very character. That we would trust in Him and not trust in our own understanding. We trust on His plan, and not on our own agenda. We trust on His power, rather than impose our own. We commit our way to Him, because we have heard the good news of the Gospel, and we accept that He need do nothing else. That he has given us the greatest act of love in that He has laid down His life for us. But, that’s what makes this verse so hard… we don’t prefer the order prescribed here.
The order of the wording in this verse is important. We have a tendency to want to reverse this order though. We want the Lord to act on our behalf, to gain our trust and then we’ll make allegiance and commit to Him. We ask God to prove it, so we can buy it; so we can then buy in to it. Problem with this thinking is that it requires little faith and relies more on human logic. It shows a trust in our own reason more than it does a trust in His person. But, worst of all, it denies the work that He has already accomplished. It somehow implies that we can grow beyond the Cross of Jesus Christ, which is arrogant, immature and misses the point of Calvary altogether. No, it is because of Calvary and the true love displayed there, that we can trust Him and commit our way to Him implicitly.
So, in essence, …what He asks is actually, what we desire. We want to make an informed decision. We want His action on our behalf. But, we must realize that this verse harkens our minds back to the reality that this action that we desire has already been. It is the Cross. We are informed. Jesus said upon said cross, “It is finished.” And, because it has been, we can say “yes,” to Him with full assurance. We can commit our way to His way. We can trust Him. And, when we do, …we will witness Him move in our lives in ways that only He can.
So, do you need to see Him move today? Do you need His miraculous intervention in your life? Then follow the order of this verse… say “yes.” Commit to Him and all that He desires primarily today. You can trust His way is better. Because, no one has ever loved you, known you or been more committed to you and your good than He has. He loves you. He came to this earth for you. And, He died in order that you could live. This is why He came. And, it is what we truly celebrate at Christmas. So, receive this gift. Say, “yes,” to Him, and trust Him today. You can do this for the first time, or the first time in a long time. But, you can do so trusting that He always keeps His promises.
Love you, trust Him-