Reopening August 30th


Sunday, August 30th

Starting Sunday, August 30th, we will be reopening our building for all service. More than a simple opening of the doors, we are going to celebrate worshiping God together again!
On Saturday, August 29. our church will meet at 10am at the front doors to pray for our reopening. We’re praying that God would make our church a beacon of hope to our community. After a brief prayer and hymn, we will be distributing 500 flyers to our neighbors inviting them to the next day’s service. Those within 10 minutes are encouraged to canvas their own neighborhoods, while others can join teams dropping off flyers in nearby neighborhoods.
All Sunday morning programs will resume, from children’s/adult morning classes to corporate worship at 10:30am.
Join us as we spread the gospel, pray for our city, reopen, and praise God together again.