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Worship Ministry

New Hope's Worship Team
The purpose of our worship team is to lead our congregation into God’s presence and by entering His presence together we will exalt our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We will magnify and praise The One Who is King of all creation.  In worship, we offer our praise and our lives to God.  We listen to His voice and we learn from His Word.

The Worship Team is composed of vocalists and musicians who are united in the vision to reach one more for Christ. We invite the Holy Spirit to fill our lives and our church with praise. If you are interested in being a part of New Hope's Worship Team, please contact the church office.

New Hope's Tech Team
In order for each service on Sunday to take place, there are a number of technical aspects that need to occur including lighting, audio/visual and sound. Here at New Hope we have a great group of Tech Team members who enjoy making our service run smoothly every week. We always train our tech team members and if you have a desire to serve alongside our tech team, simply contact Troy Murphy at