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Mike Smith

People often ask "Mike, what do you believe about..........?" 

It's a great question. For everyone has a multitude of beliefs about a host of issues. And I always come back to the conversation that points to this simple question: 

"Upon what do you base your beliefs?" In other words, are our beliefs based on what someone has told us? Are our beliefs based on a book we read or on a professor's opinion? Or maybe our beliefs are taken from a movie we watched or pressures placed upon us by society. 

I gladly choose to base what I believe upon a higher authority than what I have observed in culture. That higher authority is simply this: God's Word (The Bible). I am going to trust what God says about man above what man says about God. 

So, the Bible is my authority, my basis of belief. I trust it - all of it - all of the time - in every situation. So,

Senior Pastor


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