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Cheryl Nash

Administrative Assistant

Cheryl was born in Ann Arbor, MI and accepted Christ when she was 9 years old in Springfield, Il. Her dad says that that really makes her a yankee since she was “born twice” in the north, but she has lived in the south most of her life and considers herself a southern girl. She and her husband Roger have been married for 36 years and live in Mount Juliet. Roger is an engineer with Triumph Group. They have two grown kids: Phillip who is 31 years old, graduated from UNA in Florence Al, works at Lexus downtown and the YMCA once a week as lifeguard. He is currently working on getting a degree in Bible from Highlands College in Alabama and wants to someday be a Youth Pastor. Lara who is 28 years old, graduated from UNA in Florence, Al, and has a full-time job at Tennessee School for the Blind. She has a passion for kids with special needs and loves what she is doing. Cheryl has been working at New Hope for almost 7 years now. She and her husband have been members of Tulip Grove Baptist Church since 2007.

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